Below you can find our release notes and change logs for EvolutionX. If you are looking for the API Change Log & Release Notes.

Release Notes:

3 Mar 2023

13 Feb 2023

31 Jan 2023

30 Jan 2023

25 Jan 2023

  • API PO Mask Setting on Order Settings: Added a new field to the user order settings (requester_settings.order_settings.po_mask) that allows updating the default Order PO Structure for a user.

10 Jan 2023

  • Prioritise In-Stock Items: This toggle will return in-stock items first on all search results and category results.

  • Note: If you have an ERP integration with live inventory only and would like to utilize this feature please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding a flat file inventory feed layer to your store.

20 Dec 2022

9 Dec 2022

  • ECI DDMS Customer Number Prefix For Sync: New Appstore field for ECI DDMS that enables dealer filter the customer records they wanted synced based on the prefix of the record's customer number.

7 Dec 2022

  • Menu Export Links: Check your URLs are correct by exporting your menu links. Then you can manually edit them through the editor.

  • Live Pricing Logs: Checkout your live pricing logs. Keep an eye on any issues connecting with your ERP's API. Lookup individual live pricing requests and share those details with your ERP development team.

  • Live Pricing Check: The Pricing Check now includes a Live Price lookup to your ERP provider. It also has a helpful green tick, to show you what will be shown to your customer on the storefront.

  • Hubspot V2: Setup HubSport V2 today and seamlessly transition to the new EvoX HubSpot App. See some of the improvements and changes below.

    • Removes the need for Ecommerce Bridge

    • Includes Syncing Orders Push

    • Uses Batched requests to limit the number of calls to HubSpot

    • Runs a Sync every 10mins

  • Inherit credit setting from parent account: With the new setting the child accounts will inherent the credit setting of the parent account. This will be brought to the API in the coming weeks.

  • VOW Ireland Stock Feed: There is now a new VOW location for Irish customers. "IE Extended Warehouse" stock location and feed will have all products that VOW is able to supply to Ireland from the UK. From now, Irish dealers should not use the "UK" as a location on their site. The "UK" location and stock feed is for products that can be delivered to UK addresses only. Contact us with any questions.

    • Do I need to make a change? No, we have updated all Irish stores with the new location and removed the "UK" location. Remember: You can change the name of all locations including managed locations.

  • System Webhooks: The Webhooks area now shows the system webhooks added when app stores are installed and using them. They are view only but make it much easier to troubleshoot integrations, remove duplicates, and filter for request logs.  We've also linked them to the app which installed them. To learn more about webhooks, click here.

  • Stock Priority and Overlay: Now you can change the display names for managed locations and adjust your display priority for the storefront.

25 Nov 2022

  • Print Page: This feature is currently available for ERP Kourier Integrator V2 to print to PDF the current page on Invoice History and Orders modules.

23 Nov 2022

  • Account Only Import/Export : You can find in the Customer > Accounts Module.

17 Nov 2022

  • Item Swaps Export : You can find in the item swap Module and the Account > item Swaps

15 Nov 2022

  • EvoLink & Flatfile Logging: See your EvoLink pricing logs, EvoLink Heartbeat, and Flatfile logging in one place.

    • Enable it for your Admin User under "Admin Users" permissions

  • Add to Restricted Addresses in checkout : This pre-release feature allows users to add addresses in checkout and have them add automatically to their restricted address list.

4 Nov 2022

3 Nov 2022

  • Tims Live Quotes: A new feature has been added to show the Live Quotes from Tims ERP. A new toggle has been added to the app store, called Enable Live Quotes which will enable the feature. Enabling this feature, the Sales Quotation area will show the Tims Live Quotes and not the EvoX Quotes.

26 Oct 2022

06 Oct 2022

15 Sep 2022

  • Resend Order Approval Emails: Both you and the customer can resend order approval emails, if they haven't been approved or rejected by the approver. This is available in the Admin Approvals tab and also on the storefront Approvals tab.

In the Storefront

Inside the Admin area

12 Aug 2022

  • WebP supported — Full support WebP images. You can upload them via the media manager and they will display to your users on the storefront, just like any other image format only 30% smaller in size.

  • Roles now in the Body Class - You can target any page using the Role id of the user that is logged-in or logged-out of the store. e.g ex-r-1064

7 July 2022

  • Cart layout added — We have added the cart as another customizable layout in the admin. This enables you to more easily add banners and other widgets to improve the user experience of your store.

  • Saved Cards added to Invoice payments: You can now use saved cards when paying an Invoice through your ERP live lookup integrations. For example, with TIMS, DDMS, Acumatica, and others.

  • Pay multiple invoices at one time: You can now select multiple invoices and pay them all together. This is available for most ERP live lookup integrations. For example, with TIMS, DDMS, Acumatica, and others.

  • Sitemap: We have rebuilt the sitemap generation to be faster along with fixing some timeout issues on very large catalogs.

  • Stripe: We have released some bug fixes around tax on subscriptions to make it more userfriendly.

  • Acumatica Awaiting Approval View: Bug fixes around credit card payments and approver controls.

  • Admin labels with parent store ID (EvoXGen) - Parent store labels are available now to be used in the child stores.

13 June 2022

  • User Account Status and User Allowance — Set the user account status to allow the user to buy on account. Use this for allowing staff work-at-home equipment purchases, forcing use of credit cards, and more.

25 May 2022

  • Order Emails (cc any email)— Send order emails to any email after a user creates an order. You can send cc order emails for all orders within an account, or just for particular users, or both.

24 May 2022

  • Category Supplier Reference fields added — Category Supplier Reference and Category Supplier Parent Reference fields added to category edit/create and own category import/export in the Admin.

  • DDMS Live Invoice List & View — A live Invoice List and Invoice View are supported as an integration to ECI DDMS ERP. Access is controlled by the user role.

  • DDMS Invoice Payments — A payment for outstanding DDMS invoices can be made in the store. Integration to ECI DDMS of the remittance is not supported but an email to the customer and distributor is sent so that the remittance can be added to DDMS by staff. This is enabled by a toggle in the payment gateway.

  • DDMS Live Customer A/R Balances — Live Accounts Receivable Customer Balances are available as an integration with DDMS. Access is controlled by the user role.

17 May 2022

  • New category vertical display: You will notice that there is now a dropdown to choose your different category verticals. This is to keep the category display cleaner and more focused on one vertical at a time.

  • New Grid layout for Categories: We now use a full category grid layout for products in the categories view. This allows for multiple search criterion to be used to better filter results.

29 April 2022

11 April 2022

4 April 2022

15 March 2022

7 March 2022

23 Feb 2022

  • Send Approvers Order Confirmation Emails: Toggle on the ability to send the approver the order confirmation email, after they approve or edit an order.

18 Feb 2022

  • Product Additional Docs & Videos Export & Import: Bulk add Videos and Documents against both Own and Managed products.

  • User details added to the Thank You page datalayer: This will help in setting up the new Google Ads conversion tracking for better privacy.

08 Feb 2022

  • Approver/Reject email links: We have updated the approvers/reject links on email to lead to a confirmation button. Users will now need to click the confirmation button to approve or reject the order.

  • We have made this change as we found that some email clients and/or spam tools were following the links prior to the User actually viewing the email. This meant that we were seeing data center IPs rejecting/approving orders.

27 Jan 2022

  • Custom titles & alt text for Images. Add custom titles for Documents and Videos - including priorities: You can now add custom titles to your documents, videos, and alternative images. This is true for both Own and Managed products. Drag-n-drop priorities for all the media to get that perfect positioning.

24 Jan 2022

21 Jan 2022

  • List filterable attributes (a-z): By default the filterable attributes will be listed based on the number of results. Now you can change this to list them alphabetically (a-z)

20 Jan 2022

  • Child product additions: We have added 50+ new fields to the child product import/export. You can now also change the default category for a child product as well as add it to unique additional categories.

19 Jan 2022

11 Jan 2022

  • Menu Manager UX improvements : You can now single select or multi-select your categories and sub-categories. Right click to get all the options. You can also choose whether to add a parent category or not. These improvements have been brought in everywhere the category menu tree is presented.

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