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Vpress Coreprint Integration

Configure products with Vpress Coreprint

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In an era where seamless integration and customization are paramount, the integration of your ecommerce store with Vpress Coreprint opens new doors for businesses seeking to elevate their print procurement processes. This article dives into the essential aspects of integrating with Vpress Coreprint, utilizing the new API integration, and showcasing how this integration, combined with Horizon ERP, can revolutionize your storefront and printing operations.


Available for All Customers:

Integration Steps:

  1. Install the App from your app store.

2. Set up your product on EvoX with the product ID in CorePrint.

3. Configure the same product in CorePrint with the matching ID from EvoX.

4. Create an account for CorePrint access and input the provided username and password.

5. Log in as the customer and test the integration on your storefront.

Guest Users:

Guest or non-Coreprint account users can customize products and order through Coreprint by setting a username and password at the app level, using global account credentials from Coreprint.

πŸ‘ Important: Orders created using the guest credentials will be sent to Coreprint without a shipping address associated, so a Default Location will be needed in Coreprint, otherwise the orders won't be created. When the PDF creation is triggered, it will be sent to your Coreprint FTP location and named as required (eg: [OrderNumber]_[Orderline]) as its unique identifier.

Article Overview:

Seamless integration of your ecommerce store with Vpress Coreprint and its new API brings numerous benefits:

Customization: Customers can easily personalize print materials on your online storefront.

Automation: Orders are automatically sent to Coreprint upon completion, reducing manual entry and errors.

  • You can then configure different automations within CorePrint to send orders to your Printer of choice.

Horizon ERP Integration: Orders will drop into Horizon without effort. If you have another ERP talk to us and we can help you test for integration compatibility.

Customized Product Templates: Align product templates with your brand and customer needs for user-generated customizations.

Efficient Artwork Handling: Simplify artwork exchange through FTP integration.

Workflow & Features

  • Customers will create their customizations on the storefront and add the products to the cart.

  • When their order is placed it will be sent to CorePrint and the order will be also sent to your ERP as normal.

  • You can then setup workflows inside CorePrint to send automatically or manually the orders to your printer of choice.

    • CorePrint can send you an email every time an order is placed in their system

  • Payment and Pricing is handled in your EvoX store. You are able to download and review artwork using FTP directory.

Integrating your ecommerce store with Vpress Coreprint via its new API enhances your print procurement processes. Offering customization, automation, and seamless connectivity, this integration empowers your business in a competitive landscape. Embrace integration and customization to optimize print procurement with Vpress Coreprint.

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