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Product Badges

Increase sales by adding promotional badges to your products πŸ“ˆ

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Creating product badges for certain items is a really great way to grab your customers attention and increase sales! These badges are shown at the top of the product image, and guess what? Its an easy as 1, 2, 3 to set these up!

Product Triggers for Displaying Promotional Badges

There are lots of ways to cause a promotional badge to display for a product. Β We support the following methods (triggers):

  • Product Group – matching a product appearing in the selected group. Β You can setup product groups in the Admin β†’ Products β†’ Groups

  • On Contract – any product which has a custom price rule for the logged-in customer.

  • Product Features β†’ Taxable

  • Product Features β†’ Non standard shipping

  • Product Features β†’ Eco-friendly

  • Product Features β†’ Recycled

  • Product Features β†’ Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Product Features β†’ Contains hazardous material

  • Product Features β†’ Warranty included

  • Product Features β†’ Returnable

  • Product Features β†’ Not Returnable

  • Product Features β†’ Eligible for free shipping

You could use them to promote best sellers, new arrivals or even hot offers for example.

Example Setup of Product Badges

Add your badges on Products > Badges

Badges can be assigned to products following 3 simple rules

1. The product is on contract

If an 'item' pricing rule was set in the Pricing module, all products with the price modified by these rules will be labelled as 'on contract'. They will only show on the store as being on contract if you add a badge.

So let's create a badge for products on contract:

Now all products on contract will have the badge applied:

2. The product has a specific feature you want to highlight

Suppose you want to add a badge for all products with the feature Eligible for free shipping enabled (see Product Features while viewing any product in the Admin β†’ Products area as seen here).

Creating a badge for products with the feature Eligible for free shipping:

All products with the feature Eligible for free shipping will be presented with this badge:

3. The product belongs to a group

All products belonging to this group will have the badge applied. For more information on Product Groups, check out this handy article

So, can I choose which badge shows first?

Multiple badges can be applied to the same product. If you want to specify which badge goes on top, you can set the order accordingly:

Let have some fun and go create some badges!Β 


Can I show more than 2 badges

Yes, simply specify the number of badges in the store preferences.

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