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What is Unsplash and how can I use their images.

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Unsplash is a platform that offers high-quality, freely usable images contributed by photographers around the world. It's a go-to resource for finding beautiful, high-resolution photos for various needs, from personal projects to commercial use, without the worry of copyright restrictions. The images on Unsplash cover a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, city scenes, people, and much more, making it easy to find the right visuals for any project.

For your e-commerce store, using images from Unsplash can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and professionalism of your site.

Since the photos are free to use, you can incorporate them into various aspects of your store, such as product listings, blog posts, marketing materials, and background images, without having to pay for licenses or worry about copyright infringement. This accessibility and freedom make Unsplash an invaluable resource for e-commerce owners looking to elevate their online presence with high-quality imagery. Just be sure to check Unsplash's terms for any specific usage guidelines to ensure you're in compliance.

How to Use

You will have to sign up for an Unsplash account. This is completely free and takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Click Unsplash button inside media manager

Step 2: Search and Click desired image

Step 3: Click "Select Image" to download the image into media manager

Key Benefits

  1. No copyright infringement

  2. Edit them and use them as you choose.

  3. Built into EvoX. Download and add them to your media folder right from within the Admin.

  4. Free to use and sign up.

  5. Access to millions of free images directly inside the platform.

Enjoy!! ๐Ÿ’ช

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