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Promotions (Vouchers & Coupons)

Create special promotions and discounts for your customers. Group discounts, individual discounts, and lots more.

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Promotion Examples

FREE Gifts  

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGOF)

% Discount on products or product groups 

Amount OFF on product(s) 

Cart / Basket / Subtotal discounts

Promotions can be used on recurring orders by using Recurring Orders option. This option must be enabled to allow the promotion to be used in a recurring order. When enabled, the promotion can be applied to recurring orders only.

By enabling this toggle the customer can apply the coupon in the recurring order view in the storefront.

Everyone loves a discount 😁 Now you can create a myriad of different promotions and discounts.
👍 ProTip : promotions works with the Loyalty Lion App Integration. Simply create your coupon codes in EvoX and then add them to your voucher in Loyalty Lion's dashboard. 

Add promotions based on 

Categories, Brands, Suppliers, Matrix/Band, Manufacturer, Catalog, or a Mix!

️Free promotional items do not check for available stock when being added to the cart.

The promotion module allows you to add coupons (voucher) codes to get the discount but also allows you to have them automatically applied without needing a coupon code.

Using a Coupon example 

No Coupon example (Free Gift Only)

There are lots of different types so have a play around to see what kind of offers you can create. 

🔥 Go Excite Your Customers 🔥

Reports for Promotions

When promotions or coupons are applied to orders you can then report on them. There are two kinds of promotions and so there are two reports. Orders can overlap on these reports but only if the order had both a subtotal-type promotion and a product-type promotion.

⚠️ Note that the order lines report does not tell you all the lines that are on the order, only all of the lines that had promotions applied. You can use the other Order reports where you need that information.

  • Orders with Subtotal Type Promotions — Selects only orders where a subtotal type promotion has been used. Shows order totals related to the order.

  • Order Lines with Product Type Promotions — Selects only order lines where a product specific promotion has been used (there may be other lines on the order but they will not display). Shows the line item details and line item values that applied.

Lookup the Promotion ID

If you want more information about a promotion that appears on a promotions report you can use the ID on the report to find the promotion. Follow these steps:

  1. Note the Promotion ID from the report

  2. In the Admin go to Marketing→Promotions

  3. Click on the Plus sign on the right to manage your columns and ensure the Discount ID column is selected.

  4. Now you can filter for the promotional ID and click to see it's details.

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