Customer User Roles

Understand how to control what customers can see, and do, when they login to the webstore through storefront customer user roles.

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In the world of B2B commerce, it's important that your webstore can react to the diverse needs of different types of customers. Roles is a powerful feature that allows you to personalize the store capability for every logged in user.

To access roles go to the main menu of your Admin and click on CustomersRoles

You will now be presented with a list of 5 system roles. To understand what capability each system role provides, click on the view role button to get a list of the features that are associated with that role. 

Clone Roles — Top Tip!

It's important to note that system roles cannot be edited, however they can be cloned. Once a role is cloned, it is completely editable and can be customized to your needs.

This would not only allow you to edit account module permissions, but also allow you to edit global permissions. 

Assigning Users to a Role

Assigning a role from the User List View

Once you become familiar with the roles and their capabilities, you can now start to assign them to users. This can be done one of two ways. The first way is to go to the customers > all users section in the Adminscreen, select a single user or multi select users, and then from the dropdown box select change user role. Now select the appropriate role from the dropdown and click update. All users selected will now have the capabilities associated with this role. 

Assigning a role from the User Edit View

The second way of achieving this is to edit a user profile and apply the role there. This can be done by selecting customers > accounts from the Adminscreen. Now select the account which has the user in it. Now select the user tab from the navigation and click on the user you want to set the role for. If you now click the edit button against that user you can set the role by selecting one of the options in the assign a user role dropdown. Don't forget to click save!

Assigning Roles to Users Automatically

Finally, as customers register themselves on the storefront the system can auto assign them a role. This is controlled based on the options selected in the store settings > general > store preferences > roles settings area of the adminscreen

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