Live Pricing Fallback

Fallback options for product's without a price from live pricing

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By default, EvoultionX falls back to EvoX pricing whenever your Live pricing lookup fails to return a price for a given product. This means the price shown is based on the values and rules stored in your EvoX store.

You can choose what your live pricing fallback is at a store level.

  • Evolution Pricing

  • Quote Me

  • Call for Price

Store Settings >> General >> Store preferences

Scroll to the Live Pricing section, and select a "Fallback Option".

"Evolution Pricing" is the default behaviour.

The "Call for Price" and "Quote Me" options should omit any price and present the selected choice (see below).

Live price lookup logic

Each time we go to display a live price, the system runs through the following logic.

Make a live price request to the ERP

  • Success (ERP returns a price for the product that is not 0.00)

    • If the product is set in Evolution X pricing as "Call for Price" or "Quote Me" then display "Call for Price" or "Quote Me" to the customer

    • Otherwise, display the live price from the ERP

  • Failure (0.00 priced, no response, or broken response)

    • Look at what is set in the Live Pricing Fallback option.

      • If Fallback is Evolution X pricing

        • Look for a price on Evolution X

          • If we have a price, display the price

          • If there is no price in Evolution X, display the list price

      • If Fallback is Call for price, display call for price to the user.

      • If Fallback is Quote me, display the quote me button to the user.

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