Live Pricing Logs

See your live pricing logs along with success and failure charts.

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Integrating with your ERP is great but keeping on top of all the possible failure points can be difficult. Live pricing logs brings the transparency that you need. You can track your success and failure rates and query individual requests.

Track Successes

Search request logs

Price check live pricing

See what is shown to the customer

With all the complex logic and pricing fallbacks, it is sometime difficult to understand what a customer sees and why. The Price Check will show you everything we know at the time you use it.

πŸ‘ Important: The little green tick βœ“ indicates what price will be shown to the user on the storefront.

Checking your Live Price Request

If your live price is coming back with something unusual, you can click on the "Request Log" this will bring you to the actual request and response that the system sent to your ERP. The details of which can be sent to your ERP developers to help them investigate any issues.

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What is Live Price Fallback and how does it work?

Fallback is used when items are missing or the endpoint is down. Read our article about live price fallback

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