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Live Pricing Product Badges for ERP Price Method
Live Pricing Product Badges for ERP Price Method

The ERP Price method can trigger a product badge when ERP live pricing returns a method type.

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In this article will learn how to set up live pricing badges.

This feature is currently working for DDMS ERP, TIMS ERP and Generic ERP.

What are Live Pricing Badges ?

Product badges are visual indicators in the storefront that highlight pricing information such as discounts, sales, and special offers.

This new feature allows you to dynamically set these badges in your store using real-time ERP integration.

How to create a live pricing badge

1. Confirm that your store is using a supported ERP and live pricing. The live price provider is configured under Store Settings > General > Products Tab.

2. On the Admin Panel access to Products > Badges and select New Badge tab

3. When creating the new badge select live pricing and choose the live pricing flag depending on your ERP, or create (Generic Only) flags that will match ERP's item price source method

A maximum of 5 live price flags can be set per badge

Those flags represent the Pricing contracts on TIMS or DDMS

From this moment if the live pricing response has a value in the "PriceSourceType" attribute, a badge will be displayed in the corresponding item on the storefront.

How to setup live badges for DIY ERP (Generic ERP)

1. Ensure that your Generic ERP system returns a price_source_type for each product. Refer to the Live Pricing Example Response for details.

2. Create a new badge by following the steps outlined in the "How to create a live pricing badge" section. Make sure the selected live pricing provider is 'Erplivepricing' and it is correctly configured.

3. During the badge association step, use the "Live Pricing Flags" field to add your flags. These flags should match the price_source_type value, with a maximum limit of 5 flags per badge.


How Many badges is possible to display on one item?

The quantity of badges is set from Product Badge display limit under Store Settings > General > Products

How do live pricing badges ordering works?

It works the same way as regular badges. You can set priority of the badges by assigning them numbers on the order field, with lower numbers having highest priority.

Will Live pricing Badges conflict with Normal badges?

No, make sure the priorities (order) is correctly set across all the badges. If multiple badges have the same priority, the most recent one will be displayed over the others.

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