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Enable Requested Delivery Date
Enable Requested Delivery Date

Want to allow your customer to specify a preferred delivery date for their order? Here's how.

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It is possible to allow users to specify a preferred delivery date for their order. This option, when enabled, introduces a 'Requested Delivery Date' field in the 'Review & Pay' section of the checkout process.

Users have the freedom to select any date as their requested delivery date, provided it is not a date in the past. To ensure clear communication and manage user expectations effectively, we strongly suggest using trust blocks to highlight any restrictions or limitations on the selectable dates.


Enable setting

To enable this setting, simply go to Store Settings > Checkout:

And you'll see the option 'Enable Requested Delivery Date'. Enable the toggle and hit save.

Check selected date

When an order has a requested delivery date, this date will be available when checking the order on EvolutionX.

ERP Integration

This feature is currently compatible with the following ERPs:

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