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PayFabric Credit Card Payments
PayFabric Credit Card Payments
Written by Byron Beleris
Updated over a week ago

PayFabric Integration with EvolutionX

EvolutionX has an integration with PayFabric payments which supports:

  • SCA and 3D Secure

  • User Saved Cards

  • Checkout Integration for Orders

  • My Account saved cards view

  • AVS and CVV security checking

  • Order Pre-auth or Charge now options

  • EvolutionX configuration and reporting support

Order Checkout View

Install PayFabric App in EvolutionX

App Store Setup of the PayFabric App starts with the following fields:

  • Credentials: Get your device id, device password, and Gateway account profile name (Gateway Profile -> Name/Setup ID) from PayFabric.

  • Use Level 3 data — enable Level 3 data if needed, this will send order and line data to the payment processors

  • Status — Enable this toggle to switch from using test cards to processing production payments.

Configure Payment Settings

In Admin, go to Store Settings → Payment Methods to configure the payment method on the storefront.

  • Storefront Label — sets the description seen by the customer when choosing this payment method, recommend "Credit Card" or Credit Card by Payfabric".

  • Charge Option — set as Pre-auth and Capture in checkout will secure payment at the time of order placement and set as Pre-auth & Capture on Dispatch will require a separate capture step to secure payment. Consult with our Customer Success Team on these settings.

  • Payment Restriction — this will present the payment method to all customers, customers with credit enabled, or customers without credit enabled. Learn more about these options here.

Testing Card

You can test the integration before going live using the below details

  • Card Number 4111111111111111

  • Expiration: Anything in the future

  • CVV: 123

  • Any Name and Address.

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