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EvolutionX Release Log
EvolutionX Release Log

Updates to EvolutionX (2024) are listed here in order of most recent. These release notes will help you follow our development changes.

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Below you can find our release notes and change logs for EvolutionX. If you are looking for the API Change Log & Release Notes.

Release Notes:

07 July 2024

  • Loader Icons: we have introduced a new and improved loader icon known as "Spinner Sharp". Read More

25 Jun 2024

  • Remittance Admin screen new filters: we have introduced new filters on the Remittance Admin screen: All Paid Transactions, New, Paid, Processed, Applied!

20 Jun 2024

  • Removed Disregard Swaps button: Removed "Disregard Swaps" button for forced swaps.

13 Jun 2024

  • Low to High Sort for Live Pricing: This new feature will enable your storefront customers to use low to high sort on your ERP live pricing pages.

  • HubSpot v2 - Enable Sync and Create only Account Name: We've added two new options to the HubSpot v2 app. The 'Enable Sync' option allows customers to test synchronization between EvoX and HubSpot without sending all data immediately. The 'Create Only Account Name' option ensures that account names in HubSpot remain unchanged when updates are made in EvoX.

  • New toggle 'Notify Orders On Hold on DDMS': We have introduced a new toggle feature in the ECI DDMSPLUS app called Notify Orders On Hold on DDMS. This toggle allows dealers to choose whether they want to receive email notifications whenever an order is placed On Hold upon creation in DDMS.

6 Jun 2024

  • JWT Customer Link for Single Sign-on: New app to integrate external links to the store with JWT-based SSO.

  • New variable added to 'Account Display Format' setting: New variable '%parentCustomerName%' can now be used to customise your account switcher header.

4 Jun 2024

  • Remittance Admin screen: Now, in Admin, it is possible to track remittances created and paid in the storefront. In the remittances list, you can view user details, the remittance total, and the remittance status. Additionally, you can search for a specific Invoice ID.

    Important: The Remittances section is available only for stores with live invoice lookup enabled.

3 Jun 2024

  • OAuth2.0 New Type - Client Assertion: Our system now supports a new OAuth2.0 approach. Client Assertion using JWT leverages assertions in the OAuth2.0 authentication system. OAuth2.0 Article.

27 May 2024

  • Generate Statement & Statement List Support for DIY: We now support Generating statements & Statement list for customers using the DIY integration.
    Read more

24 May 2024

  • New BMI ERP integrations: We have implemented a new ERP system. Currently, we have Live Orders, Live Invoices, Customer Overview, Checkout Live Departments, Customer Sync, Address Sync, and Order Submissions. More features will be added in the future.

21 May 2024

  • DDMS Order Mapping, "Ship To Name" new dropdown value: We've added a new dropdown option for the "Ship To Name" field: "Select the first value found: or .title or .name". This option sets the "Ship To Name" based on the following priority:, shipping_address.title,

    This setup is recommended for B2C stores.

20 May 2024

  • TIMS API Invoices visual behavior: from now on in the invoices screen, all TIMS stores will load the Invoices docs and PODs separately.

  • DDMS Registered Guest Users: We've implemented a similar logic for an Evox guest user for every Evox account that doesn't have an account number. The registered guest user functionality will impact Live Tax calculations in the checkout process and during order creation.

13 May 2024

  • TIMS API Invoices Date and ID Filters:With our latest update in the invoices screen, you can now filter Invoices by ID and by date range. Note: At the moment, the Unpaid invoices are not filtered by selecting a date range because of a TIMS limitation

26 April 2024

  • DIY Integration: Know is possible to download invoices from an external endpoint, invoices can also be printed from invoices list.

9 April 2024

  • Store Preferences: Store preferences decomposition into tabs and reorganization by category, enhancing loading times & overall performance.

3 April 2024

28 Mar 2024

26 Mar 2024

22 Mar 2024

19 Mar 2024

15 Mar 2024

20 Feb 2024

12 Feb 2024

8 Feb 2024

7 Feb 2024

6 Feb 2024

1 Feb 2024

30 Jan 2024

29 Jan 2024

16 Jan 2024

15 Jan 2024

  • Opayo new urls: As Opayo continues its journey as a vital part of Elavon, we've made the needed changes to the URLs used for transactions. This change, is now completed ahead of the 31st March 2024 deadline.

9 Jan 2024

8 Jan 2024

  • Increment Cart Qty Only: Default adds a new line item with every add to cart. Enabling will show an item only once in the cart and only increment qty.

  • TIMS integration now supports a new unpaid and all filter for invoices. Unpaid is the default value which will return invoices faster and is the most common records requested by users.

5 Jan 2024

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