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Help Guide on Removing/Disabling Buying Options
Help Guide on Removing/Disabling Buying Options

If you have certain products, or even categories in your store which you would like to hide, please follow the below help guide.

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Hide Add To Cart Button if no Stock. With a click of a button, you can hide the basket button, thus not giving the opportunity for people to buy any items out of stock (including masks, gels etc.) Go to Products > Inventory > Settings and enable the said button.  In order for this to work correctly, you will need to have inventory setup and enabled for your supplier.  You can learn more about stock and inventory by accessing the following articles;

Disable the categories through Catalogue Container Exclusion Rules. With this option, you can completely disable the categories in which these items are contained. Go to Catalogues > Catalogue Containers > Global.  Once you click into this, scroll down to Exclusion Rules > Combo > Manage Combo Rules. Search for the Catalogue (ie Vow), Select a Rule Type go for “Categories”, and pick the categories you want to hide.

Create a banner and put it on your homepage. Once you have done this, follow this article to see how you can add that banner on the homepage.   The banner can also be added to the search results, product pages and account dashboard layouts, to ensure the message is shown throughout the store.

Please find below one we have created, and feel free to use this! 

If you fancy creating your own banner, why not give it a try using

Add a message on your customers dashboard. This one is very easy, and is the first thing that customers will see AFTER they have logged in. Go to Store Settings > General > Store Preferences > Global Account Message, and pop in the communication for your customers.

Add a text message to your home page.
Again, a nice easy fix - you can use a content block widget on the home page to add a text message.  Formatting can be added to the message to increase the text size, style etc.  Learn more about content blocks here!

Disable Credit Card Payments. If you wish to do this, go to Store Settings > Payment Methods add disable your credit card option.

Add Badges to Out of Stock lines.  You can even add a badge to products in certain categories, ie. cleaning products. For this, first create a product group and in Inclusion Rules > Combo, add the categories you wish to include in your Product Group (similar way as with point 2.) Then, go to Products > Badges > New Badge. You can add a message like "Out Of Stock". In the Badge Association, opt for Product Group and select the group you have just created.

Add Text on the Checkout Blocks as an extra. If you want to be 100% on the safe side, you can even go to Store Settings > Checkout and add some text, which will appear in different areas on the checkout.

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