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Suppliers - enable 'managed' inventory
Suppliers - enable 'managed' inventory

Apply live stock feeds for managed content suppliers!

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Having live supplier stock on your website can assist your customers when making buying decisions - it can also help reduce the number of 'out of stock' product orders you receive from your customers, cutting down on unnecessary double deliveries!

Wholesalers Supported for Managed Inventory Feeds

Here are the list of suppliers who we currently support for automatic inventory updates:

UK & Ireland Suppliers

  • Trimfold Envelopes

  • Spicers

  • JGBM

  • TC Furniture Group

  • Trade Supply

  • Vow

  • Exertis

  • OT Wholesale

  • Dams

  • Acco

  • CTS Toner

  • BCD

  • Dynamic

  • Phoenix Safes

  • Data Direct

  • Durable UK (Durable Full Product File)

  • Beeswift

US & Canada Suppliers

  • United

  • ORS

  • SP Richards

Setup Managed Inventory Feed

To setup a live stock feed, you first need to ensure the supplier in question has been setup on your adminscreen.

Click on Suppliers, then + New Supplier

Select your managed supplier from the drop down list.  Then enter your primary supplier account number (this will come into play where we have automated cost collection)

Once you have added your supplier, please ensure that all the relevant fields have been filled in.  Also, make sure the supplier is enabled!

You can now select which locations you would like to show stock levels for on your webstore - make sure you Save Changes;

Now that we have setup our supplier, we can now apply their inventory to the store. Click on Products>Inventory>Settings

From Global Settings, ensure the inventory is Enabled.

You can now add in your own bespoke 'in stock', 'out of stock' and 're-stock' messages.  You also have the ability to hide the add to cart button should the supplier have no stock - cool!

Hit Save and you live stock feed will now be in place on your webstore!  Enjoy!


👍 Pro Tip:

If sometimes products from your catalogues are not showing on your webstore, although you have enabled the catalogue/catalogue container, it could be that you have your "hide 0 cost items" option enabled.  Please switch that option off if you have not updated your cost prices in order for the products to show on your webstore. Or, update your cost prices accordingly.

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