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Adding banners to your layout
Adding banners to your layout

Use drag & drop to resize & re-position your banners on layouts

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By now, you should have uploaded your banner designs into the marketing area.  On this article, I will walk you through assigning your designs to your layout, then re-positioning your banners accordingly!

To do this, we need to access Appearance>Layouts

You can add banner content throughout the store - in this example, lets add some banners to the Home Page

Now that you have your layout screen opened, lets add a single banner widget to your layout.  The widgets can be re-sized and re-positions easily!

Once you have your widget in place, lets assign your banner (click here to catch up on our article on loading banners into your store!)

Simply click on the widget settings icon;

Under the 'banner' section, search for your uploaded banner content through key words - alternatively hit space bar in this area to reveal all your banner uploads!

You can fine tun the position of the banners by increasing or decreasing the margins.

Easy as that!  Your site will now start to take shape with your awesome designs!

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