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Uploading banners

Make your site sing with beautifully designed banner content!

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Loading banners/images onto your storefront will make your webstore look fantastic - but more importantly, they will allow you to promote products and services to your customers.  EvolutionX allows you to upload banners in a number of different sizes which can be positioned not only on the home page, but throughout the store!  This article will help you load your designs into the marketing area of your adminscreen.

First things first - we need some designs to upload!  

There are some really nice (and free!) bits of software which will allow you to create banner designs for your store.  I can recommend the following tools which are really quick easy to use;

The banners you create need to be saved as jpg or png files.

They also need to be created in particular sizes - our grid layout can be found by clicking here

Ok, lets get your design loaded into the system.

Marketing>Banner Manager>Banners

Click on 'Add New Banner'

You can now give your banner a name and add in the URL link you would like to point it to.
Click on the media manager button - its now time to upload your design.

Content Mobile Banners

If you are uploading a banner which is 1920px or 1420px, we recommend you also create a content mobile version.  This means your banner will not reduce in size when viewed on a mobile device.  As per the grid layout document, we recommend that your content mobile banner is around 700px wide.  Your webstore will display the correct banner depending on which device it is being accessed from.


How to get your newly uploaded banner onto the webstore

Naturally the next step will be assigning banners to your layout - click here to find out how to do this!

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