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Welcome your customers to your store with a personalized dashboard message!

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EvolutionX allows you to really personalize the customers buying experience.  One of the ways to achieve this is by applying a bespoke account message which will display on their account dashboard when they login - cool eh!

To do this, we need to access customers>accounts

Click on the account in question, then select 'account message' from the horizontal header nav.

You can now type your message into the WYSIWYG editor!

You will notice a list of variables which can be added to the message - these act as merge fields which will automatically pull through the customers details.  For instance;

'Hi %customerName%, we would like to welcome %customerCompany% to our new webstore!'

will look something like this;

'Hi Darren McIntosh, we would like to welcome DMC Office' to our new webstore!'

You can now use the editor to format your text so it looks better on screen.

If your message is the same for all customers, the welcome can be applied globally - its exactly the same process as above.  To do this, click on store settings>general>store preferences.  Scroll down until you see Global Account Message

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