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Add text to a page "Content Block" widget
Add text to a page "Content Block" widget

Learn how you can add text to a page using the widgets and page layouts

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Adding content to a page can be done in multiple ways (e.g. category descriptions, content descriptions, product descriptions, etc). One way to add content to a page is using the Page layouts . 

The benefit of adding text to a page using the widgets and layouts is that you can have that content show up on every page that uses that layout...and you only have to add the text once! 

Lets add the below text to our homepage. 

Example text

Welcome to our website

Thanks for visiting our website. We have the latest ranges of products and services available in USA, Ireland, and UK. Try our content below.  


Add your Content Block widget

Go to Appearances => Layouts and then choose your layout.
Position it by dragging and dropping the widget after you add it to the layout. 

Now add your text content

When copying and pasting from word processing documents make sure to clear formatting. Also, take advantage of Heading tags for better SEO content. 


Save your layout to Publish

Make sure to save your layout and check that everything looks good on the storefront. 

That's it now go and celebrate.  🎸

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