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Catalogue Exclusion & Inclusion rules
Catalogue Exclusion & Inclusion rules

Exclude or Include ranges of products from supplier catalogues

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EvolutionX gives you the ability to easily exclude or include products, brands, or categories from supplier catalogues.  This can be achieved really quickly - let me show you how!

First of all, you need to create your catalogue container and add the supplier catalogues to the container.  The container can then be made available globally, or alternatively to specific customers - catch up on catalogue containers by clicking here

To apply your exclusion or inclusion, click on the container in question.

Scroll down until you see the Exclusion Rules screen - you can now select your rule type - exclusion or inclusion;

You apply exclusion/inclusion rules at product level.  For instance, you have a catalogue loaded within a container, but you want to exclude/include one particular product.  If you have a list of products, you can use the template import for this.

Alternatively, use the 'combo' option to grab specific groups of products - this makes the process a lot quicker!

On the gray bar with Combo, click on the cog wheel icon to the right to expand the option.

Click on 'manage combo rules' - you will now be presented with combo rule selection box.

Search for the catalogue you want to apply your rule to.

Then, choose which rule type you want to work with - the options are;


You can apply multiple rules to the same catalogue/container!  Just simply add a new combo rule and follow the same process.  

This feature is great for restricting customers from products. For example, you have a customer that does not want their users to purchase specific products. You can have an account assigned catalog container (read about it here) and restrict them from purchasing it by adding the item to an exclusion rule.

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