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Adding Catalogues and Assigning them to Containers
Adding Catalogues and Assigning them to Containers

Choose your catalogues, then apply them to your storefront! 📖

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Once you have your catalogues enabled, we now need to assign them to a catalogue container.  Catalogue containers allow you to apply catalogues globally, for all accounts, or alternatively to certain accounts.  Click on catalogues>catalogue containers.
To create your container, click on + New Catalogue Container.  Give your container a name, a start and end date. Status will be active by default. 

Then, assign the catalogues you would like to appear.

On this screen, you would also notice two other fields which are Search Priority and
Priority For Selected Catalogues. 

Search Priority affects the order of results displayed and Priority affects how Catalogues interact with each other to disable like for like products existing across multiple Catalogues. (1= most important 999= least important and 0= exempt)

👍 Important: Priorities only work with catalogues that are inside your container. They don't work across multiple Global catalogue containers.

Last but not least, don't forget to select who the container is for - Global, All Accounts, or specific Account(s).

When you change this option to Account, you will be presented with the option Assign a new account.

Click on Assign a new account.

In Search Account, press spacebar on your keyboard to display all accounts and choose the appropriate account. Once done, click Done Selecting Accounts.

All set.



👍 Pro Tip — Hide Zero Cost Items

If sometimes products from your catalogues are not showing on your webstore, although you have enabled the catalogue/catalogue container, it could be that you have your "hide 0 cost items" option enabled, which can be found in Suppliers > Edit Supplier.  Please switch that option off if you have not updated your cost prices in order for the products to show on your webstore. Or, update your cost prices accordingly.

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