We love to make it easy and safe to pay by credit card.  We've integrated with the following payment providers.  All of these integrations ensure that no card data is ever transmitted or stored on our network or servers.  Most of these integrations include great features allowing customers to save a card for future purchase and more.

Fully Integrated Payment Providers

Fully integrated means that your user stay in the web store while saving card details or paying by card but the actual card details are transmitted security between the user's browser and the payment provider.  This ensures a great experience for the user and the highest possible card security.  We highly recommend choosing from these great payment providers.

Getting Started

When you've selected a preferred payment provider your integration starts in the store admin.

  • Click the App Store link in the main menu
  • Click the Payment category to filter the list.
  • Click the provider you prefer and follow the directions to finish the integration.

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