Adflex - Level 3 Payments

Turn on Adflex payment gateway with support for Level 3 payments.

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Adflex is a leading credit card payment gateway that specializes in support for businesses that require Level 3 payment support. They have an easy setup and their payment gateway is now available in our AppStore.Β 

Easy Installation

Adflex can setup the merchant bank account through one of several suppliers. Here are the steps to get started with Adflex:

  • Contact Adflex sales and setup a new account with a link to your merchant account (they can supply this too).

  • Get your Adflex account details so you can set up your EvolutionX store.

  • In the Admin of your EvolutionX store go to the App Store and choose the AdFlex Payments app. Configure the required settings other than the billing address setting.

  • Save once and then update the Billing Address for cards dropdown.

πŸ‘ Important: Don't forget to set it to Live mode. When ready.Β 

  • Now you can move on to setting the payment method settings in Admin β†’ Store Settings β†’ Payment Methods and begin testing.

Enable the payment method

πŸŽ‰ That's it now go testing on the storefront.

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