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Integration with Braintree payments one of the leading payment gateway providers

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Braintree is growing fast and might be one of your choices for payment gateways. Below is a simple integration setup to get it running on your EvoX store.Β 

πŸ‘ Now Supports saved credit cards for your customers.

Step 1: Login to your Braintree account

Remember, they have a Sandbox account for testing

Go to Settings >> API

Create an API key

Click View to see the details

Copy and paste them into the App Store

Set it to Testing or Live depending on your scenario

πŸŽ‰ That's it. Really is simple!


Seeing Paypal issue on storefront.Β 

This simply means you haven't lined your paypal account. Create a Paypal Developer account and then create a new App. Follow the instructions on Braintree's pages.Β 

Once you till in these retest on the storefront and everything should now be working.


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