When you've sold some products, it's really important you can take payment for these and one way to do this is your customer using credit and debit cards via PayTrace.

For this article we'll assume that you already have a PayTrace account set up. If you don't you can set one up by contacting PayTrace here.

We're going to set this up via our App Store, but you'll need to get some information from your PayTrace account first:

If you haven't created an API user profile, follow the steps on this tutorial from PayTrace https://player.vimeo.com/video/273419091

Once you've got your API user profile credentials you'll need to go to your App Store and Select the PayTrace App. Simply type or paste in your credentials and click update.

Create API User in PayTrace

  • add an API user, not a web user.
  • ensure there are no restrictions on the user

The final step is to pop into Store Settings > Payment Methods and activate PayTrace.

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