Apple pay setup with Stripe

Get your customers paying using the Apple pay service.

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Allow your customers to pay using Apple Pay, with their desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch. This is a convenient and safe way to pay online. With Stripe payments you can setup Apple pay in no time at all. 

Step 1: Sign-up with Apple

Go to and create an account for your business. You will need to have all your business details handy, so gather them before you get started. 

Once your account has been setup with Apple and confirmed you will be able to proceed in a few mins to get it up and running. 

Step 2: Create a Merchant ID

Sign into and go to the "Certificates, IDs, and Profiles". 

Certificates, IDs, and Profiles >> Identifiers >> filter for Merchant IDs

Step 3: Get the download from Stripe

We will need to now download a file from Stripe and then upload that file to Apple. This will allow Apple to create a new certificate that we can then Upload to Stripe.
Settings >> Apple pay >> Add new application
Dowload the "stripe.certSigningRequest" file

Click Continue and click the link to upload it to Apple

Navigate to the Merchant ID we created earlier and upload the stripe "stripe.certSigningRequest" file into Apple

Once you have uploaded the Stripe file click continue and then download the "apple_pay.cer" file certificate.

Now you should have the "apple_pay.cer" file downloaded to your computer. We will now upload it into Stripe. 

Upload the file "apple_pay.cer" 

Now you should see it on your Stripe account

Step 4: Add your domain on Stripe

We need to verify our domain so we will need to download a file from Stripe and upload it into our App Store.

⚠️ Don't click "Add" until you have uploaded the file to the App Store

Once uploaded you can then go back to Stripe and click "Add"

You should now see your store domain in green. 

👍 Now you have completed the setup. You will need to wait up to 24 hours before you will start seeing the Apple pay option inside of your checkout.

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