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Processing Credit Card and Paypal payments
Supported Credit Card Payment Providers
Supported Credit Card Payment Providers

Processing credit cards and taking payments starts here! We list the supported payment methods in our integration app store.

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We love to make it easy and safe to pay by credit card.  We've integrated with the following payment providers.  All of these integrations ensure that no card data is ever transmitted or stored on our network or servers.  Most of these integrations include great features allowing customers to save a card for future purchase and more.

Fully Integrated Payment Providers

Fully integrated means that your user stay in the web store while saving card details or paying by card but the actual card details are transmitted security between the user's browser and the payment provider.  This ensures a great experience for the user and the highest possible card security.  We highly recommend choosing from these great payment providers.

Getting Started

When you've selected a preferred payment provider you should contact them to setup an account. Then your integration starts in the store admin.

  • Click the App Store link in the main menu

  • Click the Payment category to filter the list.

  • Click the provider you prefer and follow the directions to finish the integration.

Authorize and Charge later Steps — How to Get Paid

Most businesses request authorization of funds at the time of placing an order. Remember that while this reserves the money for your order it will also expire after about 7 days (verify the timing with your payment provider). In order to be paid for your order you need to request a charge against the authorized transaction which is not an automatic process. This is easy to do but missing this step means not getting paid.

Steps when using Pre-Authorize and Charge at Dispatch

  1. Order is placed and the card is authorized for the amount of the order plus any fees. Note: to determine if your store is setup for pre-auth and charge at dispatch or charge now go to Settings → Payment Methods in the Admin.

  2. As you process the order and are prepared to ship/fulfil it generate the final amount due for the Invoice and charge only that amount once. The amount charged may be any amount up to the amount already captured. Only one charge is permitted and the remaining funds will be released to the card holder. To charge the card open the Order in the Admin and click the "capture payment" button on the order. Enter the final invoice total as the amount to capture and submit. Now ship the order once confirmation has been received.

Level 3 Data

Level 3 data is order and line item information about each order which is submitted to the payment processor. This is required for some B2B business because their customers require this data about the transactions processed on their cards. Typically this is large business and government customers. The current payment providers supporting level 3 data are:

  • Paytrace

  • Adflex


  • Braintree by Paypal

Reconciliation of Credit Card Payments

All credit card payment methods are supported in the Credit card payment reconciliation report.  Use this to match up your card processing ID with your Quote and Order IDs and export for offline matching.

Run it from the Admin by clicking Reports→Credit card payment reconciliation.

Log Of Payment Events

We log each request to open the payment window, attempt a charge, and the resulting success or failure messages received from the processor. You can view these logs by finding the order or cart in your AdminOrders, scrolling down to the Payment Methods section and clicking the Payment Events link.

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