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Live Pricing — Real-Time Price from the ERP
Live Pricing — Real-Time Price from the ERP

We list the systems we already support for real-time pricing from your ERP and how to integration new back-office ERP systems.

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Live pricing provides real-time pricing to users as they visit your EvolutionX webstore. It can be used for any combination of guest or logged in users. You have the ability to turn it on and off by account or across the store. Live Pricing can completely eliminate the need to manage pricing in two systems or you can use a combination approach so that you get the best of both.

Use Cases for Live Pricing

  • Guest user pricing — this uses a designated guest account code to request pricing from your ERP

  • Customer Account contract pricing — each customer can be specifically turned on or off to use Live Pricing from your ERP

  • Multiple Quantity Pricing — when items are added to the cart we recheck the pricing based on the quantity added so that multi-buy price policies are supported. Note: this is not available for all integrations (see below).

Current ERP Systems with Live Pricing Integrations

The following systems are already integrated for Live Pricing and are easy to setup:

  • ECI DDMSPlus (CA only) (With Live Swaps)

  • ECI Horizon

  • ECI RedFalcon

  • ECI Spruce

  • ECI Progress

  • Acumatica

  • AdvanceProTech

  • Calidore

  • Prima Software

  • Dynamics 365 using Flintech

  • Office Team

  • Eclipse — Multiple Quantity Pricing supported

  • Calidor

  • Intact

  • Navevolink

  • Oasis

  • Tims

  • Winman

  • Prophet 21 by Epicor (P21, DCKAP Integrator)

  • Dynamics (DCKAP Integrator)

New ERP Integrations for Live Pricing

We work either directly with the API for your ERP or through a partner integrator (who provides API support) to setup Live Pricing for new systems. This typically is a fast-tracked development to ensure you are up and running quickly. Contact our team today to discuss your options and questions.

Important Notes

  • Sorting search results by price is not available with Live Pricing.

  • Some ERP systems require additional database pooling licenses or API licenses.

  • Show Cheapest Price is not supported with Live Pricing.

Alternatives to Live Pricing

EvolutionX has deep pricing features built in along with the support to import pricing. Here are some of the alternatives to using Live Pricing from your ERP:

Guest Pricing and Registered Guest User Pricing

Guest User: Logged out Storefront Users

Registered Guest User: User that is logged into the store but does not have an account

We support both of the above user types by providing them the Global accounts pricing. When we have a user that is either logged out or logged in but doesn't have an Account or Seller reference value, we will default to providing them the Live Pricing Global Account pricing.

👍 Important: If an Account is set to Live pricing and there is no value in the account number or seller reference fields, EvoX will use the Global Account when showing Live Prices.

Guest and Registered Guest Pricing Scenarios


Account Flag (Account viewable in Admin as an Account)

Live pricing enabled (This is set in the Admin under the Account edit settings)

Live Pricing

Can I set them to use EvoX pricing

Registering without a company name (Storefront Registrant)



Yes, Global


Registering with a company name (Storefront Registrant)



Yes, Global

Yes, you can choose per account whether they use the live pricing and EvoX pricing.

Create an Account via EvoX Admin. Setting

  • Live pricing to enabled

Adding Account number or Seller reference



Yes, we will make the request to your ERP for pricing using the Account number or Seller reference.

Yes, you can choose per account whether they use the live pricing and EvoX pricing.


How can I see and troubleshoot live price issues?

Read our article on live price logging in the Admin. You can report and view all live price requests.

What is Live Price Fallback and how does it work?

Fallback is used when items are missing or the endpoint is down. Read our article about live price fallback

Google Rich Product Snippet Error "Either "offers", "review", or "aggregateRating" should be specified"

If you are seeing an error like this when reviewing your product micro data or structured data, this is due to your store running live pricing for logged-out customers. Live pricing uses realtime requests to your ERP that Google's spiders aren't able to parse. This error is referring to 3 things.

  1. Offer : This is required for Google Structured data snippets as it refers to product pricing

  2. Aggregate Ratings : This is optional in snippets and not currently supported natively

  3. Reviews : This is optional in snippets and not currently supported natively

How to "fix": To help Google to understand your Pricing, you would need to load pricing into EvolutionX. This would require you to upload/import your pricing into a Global pricing contracts in EvoX. The Global pricing contract determines what pricing is seen by logged-out storefront users.

Lastly, you can use the Global pricing contract or you can choose to continue with your live pricing and use the Fallback option. This will show your Google your Global pricing contract but show your real users the live pricing.

Will Google be able to crawl and index my site?

Yes, absolutely. Google will be able to read and parse all other parts of your page and index your website normally. The only thing Google is not able to see is the price of the product. Though we encourage and support structured data natively in EvoX, it is not necessary to be index well by Google or other search engines.

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