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Product Sort for your Storefront
Product Sort for your Storefront

Set category and search sort including low-to-high, Brand Priority, Relevance, A-Z.

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Many product display sort preferences can be set in your EvolutionX store including:

These can be found under Admin → Settings → Store Preferences → Product Display.

Default method to order products in a list:

  • "sort by" method for products listed in categories and search results

  • prioritise in-stock products over out-of-stock products

The below are the choices available. Once you select one, this will be the default product sort for your webstore: 

NOTE:  It is not possible to set a default product sort on account level.

Sort for Category

You can set a unique default sort for categories separate from when a customer lands on a search results page.

Sort for Search

Sort for search is best set to relevance but there a many other options to choose from.




You can set a priority on products. The priority set will determine it's position in the list of products. Priority 1 will come first. The priority set will be try for every category that the product is assigned (e.g. Additional categories).

Search or Category pages

Newest items

The newest items will come first based on their created at date.

Search or Category pages

The system will look at the results for the category or search and then set the products first that have the highest brand priority.

Search or Category pages

Alphabetical (A-Z)

The products will be sorted by A-Z based on their product names.

Search or Category pages

Alphabetical (Z-A)

The products will be sorted by Z-A based on their product names.

Search or Category pages

The popularity of the product based on the number of times it has been ordered across all stores in our system or within your store.

Search or Category pages

Product sort is determined by our or your search recipe. We have a number of tools that help with tweaking relevance results

Search pages only


Low to High

Evolution X also offers your customers the opportunity to search for products on a low to high basis. Please note that the Low to High:

  • Is NOT available as a default method for product sort,

  • Is available for search results up to 500 products,

  • Is NOT available for stores which utilise Live Pricing from their back office provider.

Default display settings for products on a page:

  • View product layout as a grid or list

  • Number of products to return per page

  • Show or hide the product UOM and customise the label

Product priority for just your Category result pages

To set the product priority of your category pages, you should set the product sort to "Product priority". Once done, you can not set a priority for all those products. This is done on the product page itself.

Admin → Settings → Store Preferences → Product Display.

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