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Using our brand priority feature
Using our brand priority feature

How to set which brand appears top in search πŸ₯‡ πŸ₯ˆ πŸ₯‰

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Your store is powered by Fusion data, so you have many catalogues to choose from and potentially thousands of brands to promote on your store. What if you want one (or a few of these) to be top of the search results? This isn't a problem with our clever brand priority system πŸ‘Β 

Setting Up Your Brands and Categories

Using brands priority, you can set the order you wish for products to appear when searching or clicking into a category based on their brand.

You simply tell the system which brand or brands are most important and away you go!
To set this up just head into Products > Brands Priority > New Brand PriorityΒ 

You'll need to select the brand(s) to prioritize, and choose the level of priority to give the chosen brand. This works on the basis of 1 being the highest priority (most important) and 10 being the lowest (least important).

You can even apply brand priority to a particular category (or categories). If you don't choose any, all categories are selected).

⚠️ Special Note about Brands and Sub Brands such as 5 Star

Some brands come in many forms. Β The "5 Star" brand, for example, is actually made up of 7 different brands and if you are adding 5 Star as a brand priority you must add all 7 brands as individual records, like this:

  • 5 Star

  • 5 Star office

  • 5 Star Value

  • 5 Star Lite

  • 5 Star facilities

  • 5 Star elite

  • 5 Star eco

Make sure you have all of these setup in Products > Brands Priority.

Enable Brand Priority in Settings

πŸ‘ Important: Don't forget to set your sort settings to "brand priority".Β 

Navigate to:
​ General >> Settings >> Store Preferences

Why not give it a go? Just remember to hit Save when you've set them up. πŸ‘Œ


Why is my Brand priority not being respected in search?

Check the priority of container search. Container search priorities take precedence over brand priority.

Where can I go to learn about how search works?

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