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Product Groups v Item Groups
Product Groups v Item Groups

How to best utilize the product groups module!

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Have you been wondering what the product group module is for, or what the difference is between item groups and product groups? This article should make this more straightforward!

Product groups can only be used in combination with other modules; once combined these can enable specific features which can further enhance the customization of your website.

The first thing you'll need to do is create your product group. Go to Products > Groups > Create a New Group. You'll then be given the option to include or exclude items from your group, manually or via import.

Product Group Rule Type

A product group must be set as either an inclusion or exclusion rule. Note that there are specific use cases supported for each.

Inclusion Rule

Inclusion rules works are available for use with the following store features:

  • Rewards (loyalty points)

  • Product Badges

  • Product Feeds (including google merchant feeds)

  • Promotions (discounts)

  • Configurable Products

  • Inventory rules (new inventory v2 features only)

Exclusion Rule

Exclusion rules is available for only the following list of store features:

  • Product Feeds

    • CSV feeds

    • Google Merchant feeds

Create an Inclusion type Product Group

To add a product to a group manually, make sure your rules are set to Inclusion Rules first then click on the grey bar called 'Item':

Click on the grey bar and the area will drop down. Click on the blue '+ New Item' button:

You will then be prompted to search for your product code. Type it in until you see some results appear:

Select the product you want and then click the blue 'Save' button:

Rinse and repeat to manually add products to the group. If you have numerous products to add, there is an import routine available for bulk upload.

You can also add products to a group by way of the grey bar called 'Rules'. This area allows you to target numerous products either by category, brand, manufacturer, supplier or matrix. Click on the 'Rules bar to drop this area down and then click on the blue 'Manage Rules button:

First you must identify the catalogue that you wish to target. Type in your catalogue name and select it from the results:

You can then choose your rule type. In this example, I am going to add the Office Supplies category to my group. Navigate to the drop down called 'Select a Rule Type' and select Categories:

You will then be presented with the Fusion category vertical (as well as any of your own categories). Simply right click on the category of product you want to add to your group and click on 'Select Category and Subcategories':

You should then see all subcategories selected:

Then hit the blue Save button.

Don't forget to hit the main 'Save' button at the top right of your screen in order to completely save all changes made to the group!

First piece of the puzzle completed.

Now that you've created a Product Group, where can you use it?

a) Badges
 If you want to apply a badge amongst specific products, you can associate these with the product group you've just created. Just go to Products > Badges > New Badges > Badge Association. Product groups will appear in the dropdown menu ( the other two are product features and contract products.)

The 'label' option within Product Groups will allow you to restrict the badge to certain accounts.  Simply create your label, then apply to both the Product Group and customer.  For more on labels, why not read our article?

Badges can only be used against inclusion rules. For more about badges, please click here.

b) Google Merchant Feed
Do you want to push products through to your Google Merchant Centre? Easy! Just go into Products> Feeds> New Feed. There, you'll be asked to name your feed and associate it to a product group. 👍

c) CSV Product Feed

d.) Rewards

Product groups are used inside rewards to define how many reward points can be earned by a given set of products.

e.) Promotions

Use the product groups to define your promotions.

Click here to find out more about setting up the Merchant Centre App

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

So, if this is Product Groups, what is Item Groups and what can I do with them? 

Item groups have more of a marketing function; you would create an Item Group if you want to showcase a range of promotional products at certain areas in your website. These go part and parcel with Item Containers and can be utilized in your Appearance > Layout section.

For more information of Item Groups, please click here.

Now you know the difference! 😀😀

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