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Product Feed - Export products to CSV
Product Feed - Export products to CSV

Create a custom product feed export using our CSV Product Feed.

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There are lots of reason you may want to download a set of products from your store. The CSV Product Feed allows you to do just that. In combination with product groups you can export all or just a subset of your products.


The process goes like this. First, we defined what products we want to export using the product group rules. Then we use that product group to create the feed. The feed is based off of catalogs in your Global Catalog Container(s). Read more on Catalog Container here.

Step 1 : Create a new product group

Create a product group. Use the rules or import items that you would like to have exported.

Here's a related article to explain all you need to understand about product groups

Imorting items is one of the easiest ways to manage a list of varied products. Just click on 'import items' and you'll be presented with a downloadble template to help you get these items in super quick!

Step 2 : Now create your feed

Now that you have your product group created you can create a new feed using that product group.

πŸ‘ Important: The feed might take a few minutes to process. So, grab a coffee and comeback a little later to see the output on the feeds page. Once there, you can click to download it.


Can I automate the export

Yes, with EvoX API you can create feeds and download the file when ready.

What columns or product details are exported?

The CSV export has a standard list of columns that are exported. The best way to see all the columns is to run a feed and open it in Excel or Google Sheets to see the output.

Can I change the columns?

The columns that are exported are static at this time.

Can I use this with Google Merchant feeds?

There is a special integration for Google Merchant Feeds. Checkout the details here.

How Do I export all products from a single catalog?

All you have to do is select that catalog under the rules. You don't need to specify anything else like the category or the supplier.

If you have any questions, let us know!

πŸŽ‰ Have a Great Day!

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