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Reward Points Overview

Build customer loyalty with our Rewards program!

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Rewards programs are great way to incentivise your customer to buy more from your store, while thanking them for their loyalty with points which can redeemed against products from a rewards catalog.

In the below video series, we will walk through implementing a rewards program on your store, while also sharing some tips on how to get the most from this feature.

Lets get started!

Video 1 - Enable and configure rewards within store settings

Video 2 - Apply a reward role to users

Video 3 - Enable rewards for accounts and setup your product groups

Video 4 - Rewards catalog build

Video 5 - Applying your rewards rule

Video 6 - Reward badges and order checkout (end user experience)

Video 7 - Redeem points against the rewards catalog (end user experience)

How Points Balances Work

There are two kinds of points balances tracked. Changes to web store order status can affect these balances (but API and Punchout orders do not).

  • Points Balance — Points earned through purchases or added manually which can be redeemed for reward items in the storefront.

  • Points Pending — Points on orders which are neither a completed or cancelled status. These points will be added to the points balance if the order is changed to a completed status or will be removed from the pending balance if the order status is changed to cancelled.

How Points Transactions Work

Changes to points balances are based on web store orders placed (excluding API and Punchout orders) and manual adjustments made in the Admin. The following types of transactions can affect the points balances:

  • Points Added or Deducted in Admin — Manual updates to the Points Balance can be made to the customer record in the Account area of the admin. This affects the points available to redeem.

  • Points Earned on an Order — Orders placed in the Storefront or the Admin can earn rewards points. Points for an order are in the Points Pending balance until the order status is completed or cancelled. Cancelled orders will remove the Points Pending and completed order status will apply the pending points to the points balance.

  • Points Redeemed on an Order — Reward items can be added to an order using the Points Balance. These are immediately deducted from the Points Balance. If the order with redeemed points is cancelled the points redeemed are stored to the Points Balance.

Balance Adjustments and Points History

When you want to add points or deduct points from the Customers Points Balance you can do so in the EvolutionX Admin. First find and open the account recored by starting in Admin → Customers → Account and Select the Customer record. Then while viewing the customer record you can click the Rewards tab to adjust the balance and view the history of changes (Points Activity History).

Manual Adjustments to the Customer Points Balance

You can add or deduct points on the Customer's Points Balance. Points added or deducted are immediately affecting the available points to redeem for reward items. The amount entered is the amount of change and not the new balance (the value is added or subtracted from the balance). To start a manual adjustment begin at the account record view, click the Rewards tab and then click Manual Adjustment.

Viewing Customer Points Transaction History

The transaction history can be viewed in several places. You can review the transactions by customer (including manual adjustments), review all orders with points added or deducted (excluding manual adjustments), or export a report with all points transactions in the store (including manual adjustments).

  • Admin Points Purchase History — Shows orders and the points added or redeemed but excludes manual adjustments. Admin → Customers → Rewards → Purchase History.

  • Admin Points Activity History by Customer — Displays all transactions which add or deduct to the customer's Points Balance including manual adjustments. Admin → Customers → Account and Select the Customer record, then click the Rewards tab and view the Activity History.

  • Report "Rewards Purchase History" — Includes order transactions and manual adjustments and can be exported in CSV format. Admin → Reports → Rewards Purchase History

Redeeming Points

In EvolutionX, when a user is part of an account and rewards is activated they earn points for the entire account, rather than individually. If a user role allows them to see the rewards catalogue they will be able to redeem all points earned across the account by all users.

For further information on rewards, please checkout some of our detailed articles

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