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Learn how to setup your rewards module and see example reward rules

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The rewards module is incredibly flexible and can be used in a myriad of ways. This flexibility can be a cause for confusion. So, lets get into some examples to help illustrate how simple it can be to setup your rewards program. 

The first thing to learn is how we can group products and use them in Rewards. 

👍 The idea is that you first create a group of products. Then you decide what reward points these products get. 

Create a Product group

Simply head over to Products >> Groups

Create a Reward Rule

Setup your reward rule

Priority - This is helpful when your product groups overlap. Sometime you can have the same product appear in 2 different groups. When this happens you can determine what rule should take effect. 1 is the highest priority. 

Minimum Spend - Product groups can have a minimum threshold e.g. give the customer points only after they purchase $50 worth of furniture. 

Spend & Reward Points - These two fields work together to help calculate the points value that should be applied. 

Example Reward Rules

  • For every $1 spent on any product, give them 1 point. 

  • For every $5 spent on any product within a given category, give them 10 points

  • For every $100 spent on any product with the Brand, give them 1000 points

Create a Badge for your Reward rules

Within each reward rule you will see "Badges" tab. This area allows you to create a unique message to be displayed for each of your product group rules. 

Turning on Rewards

Step 1. Turn it on Globally

Navigate to Store Settings >> General >> Store Preferences

Step 2. Enable rewards for an individual user or account

👍 Important: Account Users are controlled at an account level. Thus, you turn on/off rewards for all Users within that account

Setup Accounts

Accounts - Admin area

Account Admins - Storefront

Setup Users (Non-account Users)

👍 Important: Individual Users, that are not part of an account, can turn the rewards on and off for themselves. 

Non-account Users - Storefront

Non-account Users - Admin area

Registering for Rewards

The registration process includes a tickbox to signup for rewards. However, the users or account admins can always enable rewards for their account from within their profile settings area.

Edit the text in the Store Settings >> General >> Store Preferences 

Can I change the name from "Points" to something else like "Cookies" or some custom name of my choosing?

  • Yes, you can change the currency name to anything you wish. This will be used in all areas that we reference the currency name in the UI, Emails, etc. 

Can I have the points shown in the Order Email template?

  • Yes, simply add in the variable {rewards_totals} anywhere in the template body and save.

🚀 That's it but be sure to ask us any questions you still might have. 

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