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Pickup as Click & Collect or Will Call
Pickup as Click & Collect or Will Call

Overview of the pickup features known as Click & Collect or Will Call and their uses for stores with ERP integrations.

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Pickup Features in EvolutionX

Click & Collect is a pickup feature separate from the Will Call feature in EvolutionX. Here are some examples of customers who may use these features:

Use Case

Delivery Order

Pickup Order

Pickup OR Delivery

A store with a TIMS ERP Integration or supporting either pickup or delivery for each order (as selected in the cart).

Delivery orders use the customer's default branch

Pickup AND Delivery

A store with a Spruce ERP integration or supporting orders with both items for delivery and collection in the same same cart.

Setup a storefront branch selector for delivery orders

NOTE: Configuring either Will Call or Click & Collect should be done in consultation with EvolutionX staff and testing with your ERP order processing.

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