"Choose a Branch" selector
Customize the "Choose a branch" selector for click and collect
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It's easy to put your own look and feel to the branch selector for click and collect. Simply use the below code in an HTML widget and you can customize it to your hearts content.

Default look

Customized skeleton view

Add to an HTML Widget

<div class="myCustomBranchSwitcherContainer" style="display:none"> <a data-toggle="modal" data-target="#switchBranchModal"><span id="myCustomBranchSwitcher"></span></a></div><style> .current-branch-banner { display: none; } </style><script>(function () { if (document.querySelector('.current-branch-banner')) { document.querySelector('#myCustomBranchSwitcher').innerText = document.querySelector('.switch-branch-trigger').innerText; document.querySelector('.myCustomBranchSwitcherContainer').style.display = 'block' } })() </script>

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