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Click and collect and forward delivery are two popular options that have emerged in recent years as consumers seek more convenient and flexible shopping options. With click and collect, customers can shop online and pick up their purchases at a designated store branch, while forward delivery allows customers to select a specific delivery time for their purchases.

What is Click & Collect?

This is the ability for the customer to choose what time slot is available for them to collect their items.

What is Forward Delivery?

Forward delivery is the ability for the customer to choose a time slot for when their items will be delivered.

Both Click & Collect and Forward delivery uses the same setup and business logic. Here are some difference.

  1. Forward delivery will more than likely have a longer delay.

  2. Forward delivery must be set on the delivery method.

Branch Opening Hours (Public View Tab)

Setup your branch pages and your Opening times.

Enable Click & Collect at a branch level.

Set your Branch Time Zone

Collection or Forward Delivery delay (in hours)

The store will look at the current time at your branch (Time Zone of the Branch) and provide a minimum delay of this value starting from the next delivery slot.

πŸ‘ Important: Your delay should be the same time frame as your slots. If your slots are 2 hours (e.g. 9am - 11am), then your slot delay should be a minimum of 2 hours.

πŸ‘ Important: Make sure your slots don't overlap. Overlapping slots is not supported e.g. 9:00am-11:00am, 10:30am-11:30am


User is in New York : Browser time is 10am May 4th

Branch is in Brisbane AU: Current time is 7pm May 4th

The User will not see times for May 4th as the Branch is closed for the day. The next time shown will be below.

Branch current time is 7pm May 4th

Next slot (e.g. 9am - 11am) :

Calculation will be 9am (next slot) + Delay set (e.g. 2 hours) = 11am

Slots choices shown to the User in bold

May 5th

9am-11am (not available), 11am-1pm (available), 2pm-4pm (available), 4pm-6pm (available)

Collection and Forward delivery - Out of Stock items

If an item is out of stock within all locations associated with that Branch. Then we will provide a message in the basket that tells them the items are out of stock.

Setup your locations

Branches need to be setup and associated with different Supplier locations. This will enable the system to understand what supplier locations are associated with which Branch. Thus, when the user selects that branch on the storefront, then we will show these locations and their stock values.


How to change the display times on the storefront?

You can change how the times are displayed using the following setting.


Can I run forward delivery without click & collect?
This is not currently supported but you could hide the click & collect buttons when certain branches are selected or hide it for every branch.

Can I run click & collect only?

This is not currently supported but you could hide the delivery buttons when certain branches are selected or hide it for every branch.

Can I run click & collect without forward delivery?

Yes, simply don't enable forward delivery on any of your delivery rules.

Out of stock items. Remove the delivery and collect buttons.

You can toggle on the "Hide "Add to Cart" button if no stock". This will remove both the Collect and Delivery buttons. We don't currently support removing just one of the buttons.

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