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Setup of Quote 2.0 for DIY storefront quotes, self service Pro-forma, and distributor quotes requested by the customer

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Quotes are an important part of doing business in the modern world. EvoX brings a lot of features that will make using quotes a breeze for your business.

Note that this feature is not compatible with Live Quote integrations and will not function on the storefront even if enabled on stores that support Live Quotes.

Feature Highlights

  1. Add the quote me button to some or all products

  2. Allow only some customers to see the quote me button using roles.

  3. Turn on or off the quote me button for guest users

  4. Allows customers to send quotes to themselves or others

  5. Allow customers to "request quotes" by sending them to you the merchant.

  6. Save, Reuse, and Clone previous quotes.

🔥Important: Moving from legacy quotes

As this is a complete replacement for the existing Quotes feature, there will be differences that the customer will encounter.

  • New link/button on products

  • New button in cart to add all products to a new/existing quote.

  • No automatic popup modal on clicking "Quote Me". When clicking it will now animate in the bottom right corner.

  • New Sales Quotation interface accessed via the existing customer sidebar link.

  • Quotes made before activation of this feature will not be accessible/visible to the customer.

EvoAdmin Setup

Step 1: How To Enable Quotes 2.0

It can be enabled by turning the toggle on in the Store Settings in the Admin panel: 'Store Settings > General > Store Preferences > Quote Me > Quote 2.0'

Enabling this will also reveal the 'Display "Quote me" button globally' toggle which will by default add the quote me button on all valid products. It can be overridden per product.

Step 2: Configure Which Products Will Display "Quote Me"

Once the feature is enabled for the store, the products can be configured to allow the quotation link/button to be displayed. By default each product's quote me visibility will inherit from the store setting.

Display "Quote me" button globally

This setting provides the default for the store. Then you can use the below product setting to override the global setting.

Per Product

Each product can be changed via the "Is Quote Me" select drop-down inside each product. (shown below)



Inherit from Store Settings (default)

Will show link/button dependent on Store Preferences:

Quote me Settings > Display "Quote me" button globally.


Always show link/button.


Never show link/button.

Roles Setup

There are two area that allow you to control the view of quotes on for customers.

Global settings within roles

Pricing on Quotes

Storefront Quotes — any quote in an "Open" status will use storefront pricing and will reprice when added to the cart.

Distributor Quotes — any quote submitted by the Admin user is a Distributor Quote and the pricing is respected until the order is placed or the quote expires. The Distributor Quote will not reprice when added to the cart but it will if is cloned.

Using Pricing Rules to Force Quote Me Only

Products set up with the pricing rule of "Quote Me" will only show the quote me button and will override any other settings. This is unchanged functionality.

Storefront Functionality

Including Products for Quote Me

There are four ways to create quotes.

  • Product Quote Me button — shows on the product page and quickview popup (see more ideas in the FAQ).

  • Cart/Basket Add to Sales Quote button — you can enable a configuration to show the button in the cart / basket.

  • Storefront Sales Quotation Page — when logged in you can start a quote from the sales quotation list page.

  • Admin Quotes — a distributor quote can be started from the Admin or continued if a request to quote has been submitted by a storefront user.

Quotes from Product pages

The Quote Me button will show in the Product Page and will be after the Add to Basket if it appears too.

Quotes from cart pages

👍 This feature is only available to logged-in users.

When there are products in the cart and the customer is on the cart page there will be a new button in the totals area as shown below. Clicking this will bring up a modal popup to either add all the products to an existing quote or to a new quote.

Quote Modal Popup

This modal functions slightly different depending on logged-in status.

Logged Out (Guest users)

These quotes will be sent to the merchant.

Logged In (Account users)

When logged-in, the user will have full access to all features.

Additional Information

Enable Sticky Buttons on Quote Page

Add the code below into the theme options' CSS block.

#salesquote .actions-fixed {

display: flex;


Enable Quote Button on Category / Search pages

The button is already in the correct location, just hidden by default. To show it, you can add this CSS to the theme options:

.ex-searchresult .quoteme-wrapper,
.ex-category .quoteme-wrapper {
display: block !important;

Quote Status

Storefront Quote status — "Open"

Distributor Quote status — "Requested" → "Ready" → "Closed"





This is a storefront quote that was created by the user but not sent to the dealer using the "Request a quote" feature.

Send email, Request a quote, Add to cart, Print PDF, Clone, Edit, Delete


This is a distributor quote that was created by the storefront user and then "Request a quote" feature was used. Or the quote was created by the Admin but not emailed to the users yet.

Print PDF, Clone

Important: Once a quote is requested it now is owned by the merchant and not the user. This is to enable the merchant to make changes where needed (e.g. prices, qty)


This is a distributor quote that has been sent by email to the user via the admin. Once the email is sent by the merchant the status is updated to "Ready"

Add to cart , Print PDF, Clone, Delete


A distributor quote that has been sent by email to the customer and then the customer as added those items to the cart and checked-out. The quote is only allowed to be used in an order once.

Print PDF, Clone, Delete

FAQ Section

Does it work with Parent & Child accounts?
Yes, the quotes are associated with accounts thus you will only see the quotes that have been created for that account. If you create a quote while in the child account, you won't see it in the parent account.

Do all users see the quotes?
Yes, if the user within the account has access to see sales quotes then they will see all quotes. The quotes are shared across the account thus, all users in the account will see all quotes regardless of who created the quote.

Why is my Send Email and Request Quote disabled?

This could be because you have Addresses required but your quote hasn't filled in the Address fields. This could also be because you don't have any products added to the quote.

Are inventory rules supported (In stock, Out of stock)?

No, some stock rules aren't currently supported. This is something that we are working on supporting.

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