How Quotes Work

The big picture of how quotes flow from the Admin, Storefront, and Offline quotes.

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Lifecycle of a Quote — Converting Quotes to Orders

A quote can start life from the Admin or the Storefront but how it is converted to an order will determine if the quote remains available or is closed.

  • Admin: Convert a Quote to an Order → Closes the Quote
    This process will cause the quote to close and will no longer appear in the list of open quotes.

  • Storefront: Add a Quote to the Cart → Keeps the Quote Open
    This will copy the quote items to the cart. The quote will still be an Open Quote in the list of quotes. It can be used again until it's expiration date.

Important Notes about adding Items from a Quote to the Cart

  • Expired Quotes can no longer be used to order items.

  • An item can appear in the quote but if it is excluded from view for that user due to container rules or other restrictions it will not be added to the cart.

Ordering Multiple Times from a Quote

Using the storefront to add items from a quote to the cart allows a customer to place multiple orders from the same quote until the expiration date. This can be great if you have a project which can benefit from placing an order for each phase of the project. Your customer can then return to the quote to reorder the items again and again.

Find and View a Quote

Here is how your customer can find a quote again to place another order:

  • Go to the User Menu As a Logged in user and click the Sales Quotations menu item (requires role permissions) which is at this path /customer/quotes. This will list your open quotes.

  • Use the link sent in an email to the customer. A customer can return to the link sent from the Admin to the Customer (see how in this article) and use it to view an Open Quote.

Note that the Open Quotes are available to view in the API and Admin too. If you convert an order in the Admin the quote will close and no longer show in the above views.

Offline Quotes

Some stores support offline quotes. This happens when an item is added to the cart which is not in the catalog thanks to a third party product selector. At this step the checkout button is no longer available in the Cart and instead it is a "quote me" button.

Requesting a Quote from the cart creates a quote email which is sent to the Distributor using the "Offline Quote" email template. An offline quote means that you will not see it as an Open Quote in the Admin or Storefront. It will only exist in Email.

Attach a CSV of items for the Webstore Staff Email

Your email to your webstore staff will already include a link to an online quote (except for offline quote cases) but if you also want a CSV of the items in the quote attached to the email just contact us. Our Customer Success team can enable this feature for your store. The attached CSV is not sent to the customer, only the staff. The file includes the fields Item Code, Name, Manufacturer Ref, and Quantity.

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