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Welcome Emails, Invites & Password Resets
Welcome Emails, Invites & Password Resets
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Welcome Emails

When welcoming new users to you store via email, there are several ways to do so.

Note: welcome emails may be used synonymously with invites.

  1. When welcoming new users from the admin the system uses the Welcome (from dealer) template.

    1. You can send this from the All Users tab sending them in bulk. Multi-page select is supported.

    2. You can send them from the All Users Invites tab. This uses the same Welcome (from dealer) email template. This view is ideal to send from as there are fields specifically for if a user has been previously sent a Welcome email or temporary password that can be filtered on.

    3. You can also send them from the User tab from within a specific customer if dealing with an individual customer. Multi-page select is also supported here.

    4. This template sends them a time sensitive temporary password (valid for 30 days).

  2. You can grant your customer users admin access to manage their own users from the storefront. When adding new users they can toggle the send welcome email which utilizes the Welcome (from admin user) template. This template sends a temporary password.

  3. The last Welcome email is when self registering. This sends no passwords as the user creates one when registering. Note some ERP integrations do not support self registering users and an account request form replaces the register page.

Note: Importing users does not sent out welcome emails, not is there a currently setting to allow you to. Adding users via he API also does not send any invite/welcome emails or invites, nor is their currently a parameter setting to do so.

Password Resets

There are several ways to perform password resets.

  1. If the end user forgets their password they can use the password reset feature on the storefront. This uses the Password reset email template. This template sends the user an link to the storefront they simply add a new password and they can use that logging in.

  2. You can open the user record in edit mode in the admin and reset a temporary password or use the auto generated one to send to the user. This uses the Dealer password reset.

    1. Note when troubleshooting login issues this can be used and toggle off the send password to user. See article here for more details: Troubleshooting User Passwords

  3. If your customer has admin users with access to users they can also reset passwords for users on the storefront. This uses the Admin password reset template. This sends a password reset link.

Additional knowledge here: Forgotten User Passwords

Note: Anytime a user password changes it sends the end user the Changed password email template.

Be sure to read more about email and how they can be customized to your needs.

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