1. Branch details will need to be added in Store Settings > General > Branches > New Branch.

    1. Ensure the Branch Code matches your ERP Branch code.

    2. In-Store Pickup toggle on when ready to add branch for will call

      1. Add shore and long descriptions for branch when ready for will call. Short displays in checkout and long displays on thank you page.

  2. Supplier location needs to be added to the Suppliers. Repeat for each Supplier.

    1. Click add New Location.

      1. Branch name is customer facing on the storefront when viewing inventory amounts.

      2. Seller Reference needs to match Branch Code set in Branches.

  3. New Inventory Rule needs to be added to Inventory Settings. Create it matching the rules for the other branches except the “Location” field.

    Note: Below steps are optional depending on your configuration.

  4. Add the Location to the Will Call shipping Rule (if it applies) in Store Settings > Shipping > Will Call.

    1. Click the pencil icon to the right of your Will Call rule.

    2. Add the new location in the Restrict by Branches section. Click Save Rule.

    3. When complete notify your customer success manager as there are some relationships, we need to connect in the backend for you.

  5. Coordinate with your IT staff or integration partner to modify FTP inventory feed file they generate if you require and send to FTP for FTP feed. (This is what allows in-stock toggle to be used with live inventory)

    1. Note: They may have a change request to perform this task.

Checkout our other article on adding a branch.

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