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Layout settings

Decide which layout should be used as the default layouts.

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Layouts are an incredibly flexible way to manage your content. If you are only learning about how layouts work check out our other layout articles.

Search our documentation for layout related articles.

Layout Settings

Layout settings enable you to determine which layouts will be used for your default layouts. As an example, this enables you to create a custom layout and then decide to use that new custom layout as your homepage layout by default. You can change your default layouts as often as you like. Pretty cool, right! πŸŽ‰


Seasonal Homepage

You might want to have a homepage that is more seasonal. With layout settings you can easily create a customer layout for each season and test them on a hidden content page.

Then when you are ready to put it live, you can simply use the dropdown and select the current season and put it live instantly!

Partial Layouts

There are two types of layouts (Partial and Page). Partial layouts are used for creating custom headers or footer layouts. Page layouts will be used for the main content areas of your store pages.

Go and have a wonderful day! πŸ‘

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