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Custom Layouts (Product Layout) πŸ“ƒ
Custom Layouts (Product Layout) πŸ“ƒ

Customize your website's pages to your liking

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One of the extremely useful traits of Evolution X is customization and custom layouts are an essential part of the process. Custom layouts help make your website and pages stand out the way you like them!

A great example of this is a custom layout for a product. Let's say you want a product SO-25SEL14B from Dams Big Furniture Deals catalogue to appear on a certain page layout. To achieve this, you will first create your own layout. This can be accessed from Appearance > Layouts > New Layout button on the top right of the screen.

Once you've clicked New Layout, you will be presented with your own template to customize what widgets you'd like to appear on the page and where you'd like them to appear.

Now you can take the widgets from the selection at the bottom of the page and start building up your page.Β 

First step would be to add a Name and a Description to your custom layout.

Then, choose which widgets you'd like to appear to which part of your page. You can also select how many columns you'd like on your page and widgets that will appear there accordingly.

Once done, click Save.

This should now appear on your list of layouts.

Next step would be to apply it to the product of your choice, which in our case is SO-25SEL14B from Dams Big Furniture Deals

Now, click on the item code provided for the product which will then take you to the screen where you see all the specific details about your product, which in our case is Maestro 25 Sl Left Hand Ergonomic Desk 1400mm.

From here, we will now need to scroll down to the Product Design section as below :

Click on the drop down to select and change the layout to your own product layout and viola!

You will now see a distinct layout for this particular product. Easy as that! πŸ˜€



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