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Set up your Approval Workflows
Set up your Approval Workflows

Need to set up approvers for orders within specific accounts? This article will show you how:

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User Advanced Settings

If you have larger accounts, for which you need to set up approvers, you can easily set these within the User Settings of Evolution X.

Note: that the approval process is intended for use with the on account payment method. It is recommended that an order is either sent for approval using on account, or paid by credit card but not both. Charging a credit card for an order that is not yet approved means that the order will be paid for before it's been placed and could cause logistical issues for the distributor and customer.

Imagine you have user A, whose orders need to be authorised by user B.

Navigate to Customers > Accounts > choose account > Users > Select the User whose order needs to be authorised > Edit User (the orange pencil on the bottom right.)

Scroll all the way down the User Settings page. You will see a tab called "Approving User A orders".

All Order Require Approval

If all orders require approval, enable the corresponding toggle. Then choose the approver(s) from the left screen. Once you click on them, they will automatically move to the right. Hit Save, and that's sorted! 

Pre Approve Orders

If you need to can allow users to place orders with different criteria without the need for approval.

  • Maximum Product Price: The max price that the user is allowed to order.

    • This allows the user to place orders without approval for any products priced under this value.

  • Maximum Order Value: The max value of the order which the user is allowed.

    • This allows the user to place orders without approval when the order total under this value.

  • Preapprove Quicklist: Set approvers for all orders outside of that user's quicklist.

    • This allows the user to place order without approval for All Account Users type quicklists they have access to and any items on a User Restricted type quicklist they are assigned as a user to. See more about quicklist types here.

  • Preapprove Contract: Set approvers for all orders outside of that users's contract.

    • This allows the user to place orders without approval when you can a contract price list assigned to the customer or specific user. See more about Pricing here.

Approver Settings

In addition, you have certain settings for the person who is approving the order (User B). These can be found also in the User Settings, as aforementioned, when hitting the "Approver Settings Tab" 

So to say, when User B is approving an order, these are the options:

Maximum order Line Value: Don't allow that user to exceed a specific order line value when approving.

Minimum/Maximum order value: Don't allow that user to exceed/ go beneath a specific order value when approving.

Super Approvers- This is a standard approver that can also edit orders. They can Approve or Reject. They can also edit orders

  • ⚠️ You cannot edit credit card orders

  • You can edit orders on account

  • You can edit an order and then checkout

  • You can can edit an order and then simply approve the order

  • ⚠️ Enforce PO does not force a super approver to enter a PO

Approver On Leave: Enable this toggle when a specific user is on leave prevent the approval email being sent to this user. 

Deputy: When you set an approver on leave you can assign a Deputy Approver while the normal approver is out. This setting is hidden until the Approver On Leave toggle is turned on.

The approval email will still be sent to other user(s) set in the workflow. If no other approvers exist the email will be sent to the default admin email user set at account level in account details.

Executive Approval: If, after user B approves an order, the order should go further up the chain for a different user (ie an administrator), you can select them through this tab. The approval chain ends when the final approver does not have an Executive approver assigned.

Send Approvers Order Confirmation Emails: Toggle on the ability to send the approver the order confirmation email, after they approve or edit an order.

Resend Order Approval Emails: You or the customer can resend order approval emails, if they haven't been approved or rejected by the approver.

Approval Setting Imports

If you need to assign settings in bulk you can use the imports and exports from within a specific account. The Import/Export Users with Settings. These imports have both the advanced user settings and the approver settings.

Read more about imports: Imports 101

Read more about approvals

Enjoy setting up your workflows, in these simple steps!

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