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One Order Approver per Account
One Order Approver per Account

Single approver that is responsible for approving orders for a given account. They approve all orders for all buyers within that account.

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If you have and Account that has one single Approver that is responsible for approving all orders from that account, regardless of who places that order, then the below setup should be what you need. This will also work where you have Parent and Child accounts and you need a Parent User to approver Child account orders.

Step One: Account Admin setup

Setup the Approver as the Account Admin on the account(s) that they will be approving orders for.

Accounts => Choose the account => Edit the Account

Step two: Setup the Requester User

Now we will setup the Requester User to be set requiring approvals.

πŸ‘ Important: Make sure to there are NO approvers selected.

Notice that there are No Approvers set. This is the key as once the order goes for approval it will be sent to the Admin set on that Account and not to any other approvers.


One limitation to this method is that it does not work for approval scenarios that require Executive approvers (Multi-tiered approval) workflows. These are where you have multiple approvers needed or you need the order to go to another approver after the first approver approves the order.

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