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Duplicate Users/Users with Multiple Logins
Duplicate Users/Users with Multiple Logins
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You can duplicate an email address for a user across the system but it must incorporate a unique username for all records. We typically recommend using the account name or number as the username so it helps as a mental reminder of which account the user is logging into. This is helpful when a user needs to log into multiple unrelated accounts.

⚠️ Note: Email address and username combinations can not be duplicate across the system.

You need to add a username to the original user record prior to adding an additional user with the same email address and new unique username.

When they login it will prompt the user for their email address and password then an additional popup when submitted will ask them for their username.

If the user has already used their first login we suggest walking the user through the new process to help them become familiar with the process as they will now be asked for an additional username when logging into the system.

⚠️ Note: Usernames are managed by you the dealer and can not be managed by your end customers.

Supported EX:

Username: MyCompany1

username: MyCompany2

Unsupported EX:

Username: MyCompany1

Username: MyCompany1

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