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Spruce live pricing & inventory setup
Spruce live pricing & inventory setup

Learn how to setup your spruce live pricing and inventory

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Spruce ERP is a powerful business management software designed to help LBMH (Lumber, Building Materials, and Hardware) industry professionals streamline their operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. One of the key feature of EvolutionX is its live pricing and inventory lookup, which allows users to access real-time pricing and inventory from your Spruce installation.

With Spruce ERP's live pricing and inventory lookup setup, LBMH professionals can make informed purchasing decisions, optimize inventory levels, and stay competitive in a dynamic market.

How it works

We use a combination of Customer ID, Job ID, and Branch ID to pull the correct pricing and inventory for products.

Supported pricing

  • Simple product pricing

  • Pull to length Tallys

  • Random Tallys


Step 1

Add the following to General Settings >> General >> Store Preferences

Choose Spruce in the dropdown

Endpoint: Request your endpoint from the Spruce team (e.g. )

Token: Request your endpoint from the Spruce team

Global Account: This should be the ID of your Cash Sale customer account. This will show the pricing for that account when customers are logged out. We will use Job 0 and the default branch to pull pricing from Spruce.

Live Inventory: Enable

Inventory Endpoint URL: Request your endpoint from the Spruce team (e.g. )

Fallback Option & Missing Item Fallback Option: This should be set to "Call for price", if you don't have any RRP set in your products. What is live pricing fallback?

Step 2

If you have no RRP prices on your products, then you will need to toggle on "Buy 0 Priced Items" for all of your suppliers.

Step 3

Enable inventory for your store. When a product is shown on the storefront, we will make a request to Spruce to get the inventory for that item.

Step 4

Map your Branches to locations inside of your supplier record.

Go into your supplier and setup a location for each of your branches. Be sure to add your Spruce branch ID into the Seller reference field.

Step 5

Branch ID

Make sure each of your branches has the correct branch code (ID) from spruce specified.

Step 6

Customer ID and Job ID

Check that your customers have an Account number and Seller reference.

Customer ID in Spruce = Branch Code

Job ID in Spruce = Seller reference

Step 7

Set all branches to "Ecommerce enabled"

Now test a product on the storefront. If that product exists in your Spruce ERP and has inventory, it will show the correct price on the storefront.

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