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Step 1: Filter Rules and Value Sets
Step 1: Filter Rules and Value Sets

Getting started with attribute filter rules and value sets

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Getting Started Guide

Step 1: Attribute Filter Rules and Value Sets

Getting Started ๐Ÿš€

To achieve the best possible results, we need to toggle on a setting in

Store Settings > General > Product Search (Other Settings)

Now we've done that, why don't we walk you through some examples on how using customizable attribute filters can really help your customers. First thing is to understand what the most helpful filters will be for a particular search, either globally or against individual product categories.

For our first rule, we can set a global rule that says 'Size' is the most important attribute and so it should be sitting at the very top of the list of filters. This is performed in a few simple steps.

We will head to Products > Attributes > Filter Rules

Select 'New Rule'

  1. Give your rule a name - I've called this example 'Size'.

  2. This is a global rule, for all searches so toggle Global to 'ON'

  3. Enable the rule

  4. Select your chosen attribute(s). In this case I've selected size

Hit Save and we are done!

Now, when a user is browsing the store and 'Size' is one of the appropriate attributes it will feature at the very top of the list!

For our next rule, let's make it a bit more specific.

I'm going to use 'Office Shredders' as an example! So, if someone is looking for an office shredder I want the attributes of 'Security Level' and 'Cut Type' to be at the top of my filters list.

Just like before, let's head to Products > Attributes > Filter Rules and select 'New Rule'

  1. Give your rule a name - this time it's called 'Office Shredder'.

  2. Enable the rule

  3. We only want this rule to kick in for certain types of shredders. From the category selection area, simply choose your required categories.

๐Ÿ’กTop Tip: Remember you can use the search box to find the categories you need!

Here comes the really clever stuff. In the 'attributes priorities' section, we choose which attributes to bring to the top of the list. We can even drag and drop them to change the order!

In the 'hide attributes' section, we can choose any attributes to hide!

4. Select which attributes to push to the top of the list

5. Choose any attributes to hide

Here is what that looks like on store!

Final thing to note is if you want to quick limit the filter options just to those set up in your attribute priorities. Let's say we ONLY want to show the filters for Security Level and Cut Type.

Toggle on 'display attribute / value priorities only.

Now only the filters you've chosen to prioritise will show!

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