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Step 3: Adding Images and Swatches to Filter Rules and Value Sets
Step 3: Adding Images and Swatches to Filter Rules and Value Sets

Want to make your filters really stand out? Let's go advanced and add images and colours to them!

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Step 3: Adding Images and Swatches to Filter Rules and Value Sets

Adding colour swatches or images to your attribute filters can make it easier for customers to visualise the options and make a selection quickly. This can help improve the user experience and make it more likely that customers will find the products they are looking for.

In this article, we will how to add these, as well as some best practices to consider when doing so!

Value Sets

So, what is a value set? This is where you can define and set colour swatches or load thumbnail images against your customized attribute rules.

Let's take a look at an example!

Going back to our simple setup where we had chosen 'Size' to be available at the top of the filters globally. Rather than display the word as Small, Medium, Large etc, I want them to have a graphic representation that is quick and easy to understand.

First job is to locate the images you plan to use. Purchase these or create them yourself. When considering the image to use, it's important to think about how clear and usable it will be when displayed on your site.

In the example below, the images have already been added to the media manager for speed.

We will head to Products > Attributes > Value Sets

Select 'New Value Set'

  1. Give your rule a name - I've called this example 'Size'.

    ๐Ÿ’กTop Tip: Remember to use a name that is easily recognised

  2. Find the attribute you want to apply the swatch to - it's size for this use case.

  3. Select the type. I'm using swatch here.

  4. Walk through searching and adding each value required and use the media manager link to either choose or upload the images. At this point you could just use the option of using a simple colour block.

  5. Hit Save and we're done.

Now that we have a value set created we can apply this to our filter rules so that they show on store.

We're going to head back into Products > Attributes > Filter Rules and find the rule we need to apply this to. Next to each attribute within the rule, you'll see a dropdown selector for which value set to apply. Simply use this to choose the value set you created previously.

You'll repeat this process until you have built out all the value sets required. Once done the initial creation you can re-use these sets across any your filter rules.

How does this look on store?

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