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Step 2: Setting Priorities on Filter Rules
Step 2: Setting Priorities on Filter Rules

Using filter rule priorities so the correct rule is displayed on site.

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Step 2: Setting Priorities on Attribute Filter Rules

Now that we have a number of filter rules set up, it's worth keeping in mind that rules set to global will include all categories and therefore have overlap with any that have individual categories selected.

It's important that the correct rule, and therefore filters are shown on store when your customers are using the site.

We can achieve this by using rule priorities!

As in other areas of EvolutionX, the priority settings work on a low to high number basis where the lower the number the more important that rule is. In filter rules we can simply drag and drop the rules to achieve this.

To alter the priorities on your rules, just go into the filter rules, click on 'change priorities' and drag / drop to the desired position. Hit Save when you are done!

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