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Evolink - Horizon

Details on the 2 way integration between EvolutionX and Horizon

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EvolutionX has a 2 way integration with ECI Horizon. This allows for data to be transferred between both systems. This data includes;

1 way integration - Orders from EvolutionX dropping into Horizon

2 way integration - the following data points will transfer via export from Horizon.

  • Customers

  • Users and passwords

  • Addresses

  • Cost Centres

  • Contract Products

Live Pricing - a live pricing call is supported between EvolutionX and Horizon (cloud hosted only). Please obtain your live pricing key from Horizon support. This can be implemented within your EvolutionX adminscreen - store settings>preferences>live pricing. You can learn more about live pricing here

Both orders and customers/contract exports files are managed via FTP transfer. Evolution will create an FTP location to manage this.

You can learn more about this process on the below video

Export Schedule

Data will be exported automatically from Horizon once per day. Once exported, the data will be collected by EvoLink within 60 minutes.

However, there is the option to manually push customers/contracts from Horizon into EvolutionX. You can do this within the Evolution Export module, found within your Utilities menu on Horizon.

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